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  • Creative Movement with Parent

    2.5-4 yrs old with Parent Explore movement and coordination with your child through fun and energizing dance exercises, poses and games. All are encouraged to wear something comfortable to move… Continue Reading →

  • Pre-Primary *NEW*

    Pre-Primary Dance is perfect for children ages 3-4.5 years old. Dancers will dance independently of their parents and learn to dance alongside other little dancers. The class focuses on improving strength,… Continue Reading →

  • Primary Dance Class

    4-6 yrs old Primary dance class is perfect for children in Pre-K and Kindergarten. Children learn basic positions and elementary ballet, modern dance, and jazz dance vocabulary while enjoying a fun and creative environment. Girls… Continue Reading →

  • Ballet I

    6-8 yrs old Ballet I is ideal for children in first grade and for children in second grade who have no previous ballet experience. Young dancers learn beginning barre and center… Continue Reading →

  • Ballet II

    7-10 yrs old Dancers who are eligible to take Ballet II must first have completed one year of Ballet I or must be in the 3rd or 4th grade if they have… Continue Reading →

  • Ballet III

    8-13 yrs old Dancers who are eligible to take Ballet 3 must first have completed one year of Ballet 2 or must be in the 5th, 6th, or 7th grade… Continue Reading →

  • Ballet IV

    9-14 yrs old Dancers who are eligible to take Ballet 4 must first have completed one year of Ballet 3. Ballet 4 vocabulary includes expectations in flexibility, center adagio work,… Continue Reading →

  • Ballet V

    Placement class required. Dancers who are eligible to take Ballet 5 must first have completed one year of Ballet 4 or must take a placement class. Ballet 5 vocabulary includes… Continue Reading →

  • Ballet VI

    Placement class required. Ballet VI vocabulary includes intermediate barre work, 90° or higher extensions in center adage, double pirouettes, and strong intermediate level allegro work. Ballet VI dancers will begin… Continue Reading →

  • Ballet VII

    Placement class required. Ballet VII vocabulary includes advanced barre work, expectations for high extensions, multiple turn pirouettes and a full petite and grand allegro vocabulary. Pointe work will be performed… Continue Reading →

  • Ballet VIII

    Placement class required. Ballet VIII dancers work on advanced barre word, high extensions, pirouettes that end in open positions, multiple turn pirouettes, fouette turns, and advanced petite and grand allegro… Continue Reading →

  • Advanced Ballet

    Placement class required. At this pre-professional level, dancers are expected to have 180 extensions, practicing multiple pirouettes en pointe, hops on pointe, complicated batterie, and impressive grand allegro. Dancers will… Continue Reading →

  • Teen/Adult Beginning Ballet Class

    Teens and adults will love this class as a great way to learn and practice ballet. The class will help improve body awareness, coordination, strength, and flexibility. Dancers will learn… Continue Reading →

  • Modern & Jazz Level I/II

    6-10 yrs old Modern and Jazz I is ideal for children in first grade and second grade. Young dancers learn basic body mechanics and helping to improve body awareness, flexibility,… Continue Reading →

  • Modern & Jazz III/IV/V

    8-13 yrs old Modern/Jazz II/III/IV is ideal for children who have completed Modern/Jazz I and for dancers 10 years and up who have no previous dance experience. Dancers will learn… Continue Reading →

  • Modern VI-Advanced

    Placement class required. Modern VI-Advanced encompasses intermediate and advanced modern techniques for dancers ages 13 and up with considerable experience in dance. Dancers will work to improve coordination, strength, and… Continue Reading →

  • Jazz VI-Advanced

    Placement class required. This advanced jazz class pushes students with considerable dance experience. Class consists of a warm up, isolations, core strengthening exercises, intense stretching, floor work, standing adage for… Continue Reading →

  • Acro Dance

    11 yrs old-Adult Acro students work on conditioning, flexibility, contortions, and strength as they add more vocabulary to their bag of tricks in this acrobatics and tumbling class. This class is appropriate… Continue Reading →

  • Hip Hop

    11 yrs old-Adult This is a relaxed, fun, open level hip-hop class designed for tweens, teens, and adults of all abilities. Classes consist of warm ups designed to increase strength, flexibility,… Continue Reading →