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The Side Effects of Dancing at Chattanooga Dance Theatre

Chattanooga Dance Theatre teaches some great technique. Students at CDT develop a strong foundation in ballet and with training in modern, jazz and other forms of dance, these dancers feel comfortable in almost any class. But there are even more reasons to dance at CDT. Here are the side effects of dancing at Chattanooga Dance Theatre:

  • Confidence. At Chattanooga Dance Theatre, we work to empower students. While good technique is taught, it is always taught in an encouraging way. Teachers help students set goals and assist dancers to achieve them. Dancers feel supported, accomplished, and ready to take on more in life.
  • Ballet I tinyCreativity. Throughout our syllabus we incorporate and encourage student expression and creativity. When dancers learn to use their creativity, they are better problem solvers in the studio and throughout life.
  • Transcendence Elsa and EIntellegence. Did you know that dance makes you smarter? No joke. They are using dance to help slow down dementia and it has been helpful for patients with Parkinson’s Disease. Dance does some amazing things for keeping healthy brain development and brain function. Check it out here: Ballet Barre Retire smaller
  • Work Ethic. You don’t get too far in dance without working hard, and with a supportive environment, students learn that it can be fun to work hard as a group and reach amazing new heights.Smaller version
  • Responsibility. Students at Chattanooga Dance Theatre learn responsibility in class and preparing for performances. Dancers are required to adhere to dress code, have hair properly pulled back and have all dance necessities in their dance bag.3 Princesses smaller
  • Friendship. Not only are the teachers supportive of the students at Chattanooga Dance Theatre, but the students are supportive of each other. It’s an encouraging environment all the way around and dancers create life long friendships. friends small

If you are a current or potential student at Chattanooga Dance Theatre feel free to speak with a teacher or office staff member about any questions, concerns, praises, or suggestions.

Tell us what you or your child have enjoyed at CDT below.

July 27, 2016 0 Comments