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Spring Gala Auditions

CDT will be holding auditions for our Spring Gala Performances March 27th-29th. More info to come!

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Classes cancelled Monday March 19th

All classes and rehearsals will be cancelled today due to impending weather. Remember that all students may makeup any missed classes in another class that is the same or a lower level class. Please stay safe!

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Gifts for Dancers

The holidays are right around the corner, so it’s time to start making those holiday shopping lists. Have you been wondering what to get for the dancer in your life? Well look no further! Here are some gift ideas that are sure to delight any dancer.



By Elizabeth Roember


Who doesn’t love a cute leotard? There are so many fun color and style options that you are sure to find the perfect leotard for your dancer to add to her wardrobe.

~Dance Accessories~

Skirts, shirts, warm-ups, bags–I could go on and on. CDT even has a great new drawstring bag that is perfect for storing dance shoes. Need a great stocking stuffer? Fuzzy socks! Nothing is better after a long day of dance than putting on a pair of nice soft, fuzzy socks to show your feet some love.

~Tickets to a Show~

Dancers love to perform, but they also enjoying watching others perform. Watching other performing artists in their element can be a great learning experience for dancers as well as inspire them to continue to grow in their dancing. Consider getting your dancers tickets to a dance production or musical. Chattanooga has many great performing companies stop in town throughout the whole year. It’s definitely worth checking out the Patten Series at UTC and the new Broadway Series at the Tivoli.

~Private Lessons~

Dancers are always looking to improve and grow in their craft, and nothing helps them more than private lessons.  They are a great way for dancers to get the extra personalized attention they need to help their technique reach the next level. Private lessons can also increase a dancer’s self-confidence since they will be getting one on one feedback and encouragement.

I hope these gift ideas help you find the perfect gift for your dancer this holiday season. Happy shopping!

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Healthy Snacks for Dancers


By Elizabeth Roemer

The typical day of a dancer can be pretty hectic between school, dance class, and rehearsal. A lot of time is spent in the car and the dance studio, so it’s important to keep your body fueled during the hustle and bustle of your busy schedule. Here are some of my favorite snacks to grab on my way to the studio or keep in my bag for breaks between classes and rehearsals.

  1. Nuts

Almonds are my favorite, but any mixture of nuts can provide a good energy boost for your day of dance.

  1. Fruit

Apples and bananas are great snack options that are dance bag friendly.

  1. Carrots

Carrots are a tasty snack to help get in your daily veggies, but cucumbers, celery, and red bell peppers are other good choices.

  1. Hummus

I love hummus! It’s a great way to get some protein to provide a little jet fuel for that 2 hour rehearsal. You can enjoy it with some veggies, pita, or whole grain crackers.

  1. Nut Butter

Nut butters are another good source of protein. I love eating cashew butter with celery, apples, and bananas.

  1. Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is perfect for grabbing a quick bite during a short water break. Banana chips and dried cranberries are some of my favorites.

  1. Pretzels

Pretzels are great. They can be a quick snack on their own, or you can dip them in some hummus or peanut butter. I like to mix pretzels, nuts, and dried cranberries to make my own snack mix.

  1. Granola/snack bar

Granola/snack bars are another dance bag friendly snack. Be careful that you don’t get one with too much added sugar. LARABARs are some of my favorite snack bars.

Happy snacking!

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Snow Day

Chattanooga Dance Theatre will be closed on Tuesday, February 9th due to the snowy weather. Dancers can make up missed classes in a class of the same or lower level. Please stay safe and warm.

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Saturday Snow Day

Due to the snow and poor driving conditions, Chattanooga Dance Theatre will be closed on Saturday, January 23rd. Students can make up their class in another class of the same level or lower. Please stay safe and warm!

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Thursday, January 21st

The morning might be a bit rough for driving conditions around Chattanooga. Adult Ballet Basics is cancelled on Thursday, January 21st. All afternoon classes are happening!

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CDT Closed Due to Poor Weather on January 20th

All classes are cancelled at Chattanooga Dance Theatre on Wednesday, January 20th. Stay safe and warm!

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Free Yoga Classes! Free Children’s Activities! Free Refreshments! Free Registration Fees!

It’s that time of year again! Time for the CDT Annual Open House. This year Katelyn Leahy and our newest yoga teacher Allie Johnson, will be teaching some fabulous yoga classes at 2:10, 3:10, and 4:10. Kids can make costumes, participate in creative movement classes, and create artwork. And all can enjoy some yummy refreshments!

August 9th, 2pm-5pm
Chattanooga Dance Theatre
5151 Austin Rd Ste A
Hixson, TN 37343


The Open House is a great opportunity for those interested to talk to teachers and other students for a fun filled afternoon. Come learn about classes, performances and everything else we have to offer at Chattanooga Dance Theatre.

Register and pay for August classes on or before August 9th to waive your registration fee!

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Summer Dance Camps were a blast!

If you missed out this year, don’t worry, these camps will be happening again next summer too! Miss Morgan taught some amazing modern jazz classes in the contemporary dance camp, and Miss Elsa organized a super fun Classical Camp studying the ballet, Cinderella. Miss Emily played prince in this picture and for levels I-IV we had two Fairy Godmothers. 🙂

Cinderella Dance Camp

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