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July Schedule

Classes run July 7th-27th

Dancers in Levels V and higher are encouraged to participate in the Intermediate and Advanced Dance Intensive July 8th-19th.

4:30-5:15 Ballet I-II with Chloe Russell
5-5:45 Primary Dance with Brittany Johnson-Mills
5:15-6 Modern and Jazz I-II with Chloe Russell

5-5:45 Pre-Primary Dance with Christine Mashburn-Paul
5:45-6:45 Children’s Hip Hop with Brie
6:45-8 Adult Ballet Basics with Chloe Russell

5-6 Ballet III-IV with Chloe Russell
6-7 Modern and Jazz III-IV with Chloe Russell

9-9:45 Primary Dance with Chloe Russell
9:15-10 Ballet I-III with Brittany Johnson-Mills
9:45-10:30 Pre-Primary with Chloe Russell
10-10:45 Modern and Jazz I-III with Brittany Johnson-Mills


2019-2020 Schedule

Classes begin August 12th
Register on or before our Open House on August 4th to waive your registration fee
Registration opens Monday, July 1st

4:45-5:30 Pre-Primary
5-6 Acro Dance VI-Advanced
5:30-6:30 Ballet III-IV
6-7:15 Advanced Jazz
6:30-7:30 Modern and Jazz IV-V
7:15-8:30 Ballet VII
9:45-10:30 Dance with Me
4:30-5:15 Ballet I
5-5:45 Primary
5:15-6 Modern and Jazz I
5:45-7:30 Ballet V-VI
6-7:30 Ballet (Pointe) VII-Advanced
7:30-8:30 Yoga for Dancers
4:45-6 Ballet IV-V
5:45-6:45 Kids Hip Hop
6-7:30 Ballet VIII-Adv
6:45-8 Adult Ballet Basics


4:15-5 Dance with Me
4:30-5:30 Ballet II
5-5:45 Primary
5:30-6:30 Modern and Jazz II
5:45-7:30 Ballet VI-VII
6:30-7:45 Modern VIII-Advanced
7:30-8:30 Adult Hip Hop
4:45-5:45 Acro III-V
5-6:15 Modern VI-VII
5:45-6:45 Modern and Jazz III
6:15-7:30 Jazz VI-VII
9-9:45 Primary Dance
9:15-10 Ballet I/II
9:45-10:30 Pre-Primary Dance
10-10:45 Modern and Jazz I/II
10:30-12 Ballet VIII-Adv (Pointe)

10:30-12 Intermediate/Advanced Men’s Class

10:45-11:30 Primary Dance