2017-2018 School Year

Classes begin August 10th

4:30-5:15 Ballet I with Morgan Forster
5-5:45 Primary Dance with Christine Mashburn-Paul
5:15-6 Modern and Jazz I with Morgan Forster
5:45-7 Ballet III/IV with Christine Mashburn-Paul
6-7:30 Ballet VIIAdvanced (Pointe) with Miranda Denham
7:30-8:30 Acro Dance with Miranda Denham

5:00-5:45 Pre-Primary with Christine Mashburn-Paul
5:30-6:30 Hip Hop with Keri Lamb
5:45-7:30 Ballet IVVI with Christine Mashburn-Paul
6:30-7:45 Jazz VII-Advanced with Morgan Forster

5:45-7 Modern VII-Advanced with Errin Ervin
7-8:30 Ballet VIIIAdvanced with Frank Hay

4-4:45 Creative Movement with Nena Widtfeldt
4:45-5:45 Ballet II with Nena Widtfeldt
5-5:45 Primary Dance with Christine Mashburn-Paul
5:45-6:45 Modern and Jazz IIIII with Morgan Forster
5:45-7:30 Ballet VVII with Christine Mashburn-Paul
6:45-8:00 Teen/Adult Ballet Basics with Morgan Foster

5-6:15 Modern VI with Christine Mashburn-Paul
6-7:15 Modern and Jazz IV-V with Miranda Denham
6:15-7:30 Jazz VI with Christine Mashburn-Paul

9-9:45 Primary Dance with Errin Ervin
9:15-10 Ballet III with Nena Widtfeldt
9:45-10:30 Pre-Primary with Errin Ervin
10-10:45 Modern and Jazz III with Nena Widtfeldt
10:30-12 Ballet VIIAdvanced with Frank or Christine
10:45-11:30 Primary Dance with Nena Widtfeldt