All tuition costs are per person

1 Class per week $50 per month
2 Classes per week $85 per month
3 Classes per week $110 per month
4 Classes per week $125 per month
5 or more classes per week $135 per month

Drop In $17 per class

Monthly payments do not change whether there is a short month (3 classes) or a long month (5 classes). All tuition payments are due at the first class meeting of each month.  Students who have not paid tuition will not be eligible to take class.  There is a $17 registration fee per person to begin monthly tuition payments.  If a student stops monthly payments and restarts, this $17 fee will be reapplied. A $17 late fee will be applied to all payments 30 days past due.

Discounts for monthly tuition payments:
2 members of the household are taking classes: 15% off monthly tuition for entire account

Limited scholarships are available for students based on need, talent and dedication. Please fill out the scholarship form and mail or bring to the office for consideration. Scholarship Program

*Excludes Summer Dance Camps and Summer Dance Intensives

Private Lessons:
One person: $65 per hour
Two people: $40 per person, per hour
Three people: $30  per person, per hour
Four people: $25 per person, per hour