Ballet IV

9-14 yrs old

Dancers who are eligible to take Ballet 4 must first have completed one year of Ballet 3. Ballet 4 vocabulary includes expectations in flexibility, center adagio work, single pirouettes, continuation in studies of allegro and a refined performance quality. Ballet 4 dancers are required to take twice per week to maintain this advanced beginning level of ballet technique. All dancers are highly recommended to also take Modern/Jazz 4 to complete a well-rounded dance curriculum. Girls are to wear burgundy leotards, tights, and ballet slippers. Boys are to wear black pants, fitted white T-shirts or tank tops, and white or black ballet slippers. (Thin white socks are optional for boys.)

This class is offered on:

Monday 5:45-7:00PM

Tuesday 5:45-7:30PM  To register, click here.


$45 for 1 class per week
$75 for 2 classes per week
$95 for 3 classes per week
$110 for 4 classes per week
$120 for 5+ classes per week
*All Tuition is Per Month

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