Tuition and Policies

All tuition prices are per person

Tuition for the 2020-2021 School Year:

1 class per week $55 per month
2 classes per week $90 per month
3 classes per week $120 per month
4 classes per week $140 per month
5 or more classes per week $155 per month*

Drop In $19 per class

*Excludes Summer Dance Camps and Summer Dance Intensive. These are priced separately.

2020-2021 Covid-19 Precautions

Classes will be held at 60% capacity for the 2020-2021 School Year.

Teachers will work to ensure 6 .5 foot physical distance between all dancers and teachers.

Anyone entering the building is required to wear a mask. We cannot allow you to enter without one. We will have some disposable masks if you forget yours.   

Temperatures of all dancers will be taken when entering building.

All dancers will be given hand-sanitizer when entering the building. 

CDT cleans and sprays floors and equipment between classes.

Bathrooms are cleaned twice a day. 

We will continue to use the lobby and dressing rooms sparingly. We ask that dancers arrive dressed for class. We will enter and exit through the dance studio doors. Parents are asked to wait in their cars, not the lobby.

If the Hamilton County School System moves completely to online learning, CDT will move to online learning as well. Class tuition remains the same. No refunds will be given for moves to online learning. If a dancer or staff member is diagnosed with Covid-19 the class(es) the student/staff attends will move to online learning for 2 weeks and all dancers will be encouraged to get tested. All CDT active students will be notified. 

Tuition Policies

Tuition is due on the first of the month. Monthly payments do not change whether there is a short month (3 classes) or a long month (5 classes). Students who have not paid tuition will not be eligible to take class. There is a $19 registration fee per person to begin monthly tuition payments.  If a student stops monthly payments and restarts, this $19 fee will be reapplied. A $19 late fee will be applied to all fees 30 days past due. It is expected that dancers take each month August-May. A 50% tuition rate is charged for December. May tuition is due at the same time as April tuition (April 1st).

Family Discounts

Families with 2 or more members of the household taking classes receive 10% off monthly tuition for entire account


Limited scholarships are available for students based on need, talent and dedication. Please fill out the scholarship form and mail or bring to the office for consideration. Scholarship Application.

Private Lessons

One person: $60 per hour
Two people: $40 per person, per hour
Three people: $30  per person, per hour
Four people: $25 per person, per hour

Dance Studio Pro

Please be responsible in keeping up with your own account. You will find Online Registration on the menu to set up your online access to your account.

Insurance and Liability

Chattanooga Dance Theatre does not carry medical insurance for its students. Students will provide their own insurance in case of injury. Dance and creative movement may be strenuous. Physical injuries can occur while in class and on the CDT premises. Students assume all risks, injuries, and damages that may occur while participating in Chattanooga Dance Theatre classes, events, and performances. Students will not hold Chattanooga Dance Theatre or its teachers and staff responsible for any injuries incurred during, before, or after classes, performances, or events.

Exit Doors

There are 6 doors at the CDT studio that lead to the outside. For security reasons, however, everyone entering and exiting the building should pass through the entrance of suite A - the door with our sign over it. All other doors are considered emergency exits only, and are to remain closed and locked unless there is an emergency.

Marketing Photos

Students’ pictures may be used for marketing. Please inform the office in writing if you do not wish for you or your family member’s photo to be used for promotional purposes. Otherwise, it is understood that you and your family member’s picture can be used to represent Chattanooga Dance Theatre. Students names may also be used in programs and on the backs of T-shirts.

Class Placement

It is imperative that all students attend classes on their level. Faculty puts much time and thought into class placement for each student, for the benefit of each student. If you have any questions about your class placement please contact the office or your teacher.


There is no refund for missed classes. Classes will also not be prorated for family holidays and/or vacations. Students are encouraged to make up missed classes in a class that is the same level or lower level than the class they are enrolled. Attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class. CDT cannot jeopardize its responsibilities to the rest of the class for one student. Please make every effort to have yourself and/or your student at every class.

Teacher placement is still required for attending all classes. If you are dropping in, make sure to check with the teacher and office to confirm which classes are best suited for your level of dance. Because you are not working consistently in a particular class, you may not be able to take as high of a level of class if you are dropping in.

Make Up Classes

Classes can be made up within 2 months of the missed class. Dance classes can be made up in the same level class or lower level class. CDT does not offer refunds for missed classes.


Holiday schedules will be posted on the website and at the studio. Please note that the CDT holiday schedule may be different from your school holiday schedule.

Inclement Weather

CDT will not necessarily close if area schools are closed. We will make every effort to hold class. If weather is questionable please check the website or social media pages. If CDT cancels classes all students who attend on that day will be emailed by 1pm. 

Class Observation for Children’s Classes

Because children are very distracted when parents are in the room, parents of children in pre-primary levels and higher are requested to not be in classroom on a regular basis. Parent observation weeks are October 19th- 24th, 2020, and February 22nd-27th, 2021. For the 2020-2021 school year, observation weeks will be limited to 2 parents per child.   

Disruptive Students

Students who are disruptive and disturbing other students in class will be asked to sit down and will not be able to participate in the remainder of class on that day. No refunds are given if children are disruptive.

Videotaping and Photography during Performances

For the safety of performers and choreographers, videotaping and photography during performances is not allowed. Professional grade photos and videos are included with all performance fees.

Dress Code

Correct dress code is required for all classes. Dance attire can be purchased at our local dance store, The Batterie, 3809 Dayton Blvd. If you have any questions about what to purchase, please contact the office or your teacher. Bun lessons will be taught to all ballet classes on the first meeting of the class. No bracelets, necklaces or large earrings are to be worn in dance class.

Creative Movement Classes
Comfortable clothing and bare feet. Make sure not to wear things that are too baggy as this attire can constrict movement. Children are welcome to wear leotards and footless tights. Long hair should be pulled away from the face.

Children’s Ballet Classes
All ballet classes require girls in pink footed tights with pink ballet slippers or skin colored tights with skin colored ballet slippers. Long hair must be pulled back in a bun. Boys are to wear black pants, fitted T-shirts or tank tops in white or the color of their level. White or black ballet slippers. Thin white socks are optional.
Leotard Colors for ballet classes

  • Pre-Primary Dance - Any color

  • Primary Dance – Light Pink

  • Ballet Level I – Lavender

  • Ballet Level II – Light Blue

  • Ballet III – Seafoam

  • Ballet IV – Burgundy

  • Ballet V – Eggplant

  • Ballet VI – Navy Blue

  • Ballet VII – Tropic Green/Teal

  • Ballet VIII – Black

  • Advanced – Any color leotard


Skirts are optional in Pre-Primary and Primary. Dancers are also allowed to wear skirts when pointe shoes are worn. 

Adult Ballet Basics
Tights and leotards or fitted, stretchy pants and fitted shirts. Hair should be pulled back away from the face. Ballet slippers are required.

Acro and Modern Classes
Leotard or fitted top with tights or fitted stretchy pants. Hair should be pulled back away from the face.

Jazz Classes
Leotard or fitted top with tights or fitted stretchy pants. Black or tan jazz shoes. Hair should be pulled back away from the face.


Dancers may wear any colored leotard, warm-ups, skirts, and other appropriate dance clothes in rehearsals. Proper dance shoes must be worn during all rehearsals. 

Summer Intensive and Dance Camps

Any color leotard may be worn in ballet classes, all other dress code requirements remain. 

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